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Elevate Your Wound Care Standards with Heritage Wound Care

A pioneering medical practice dedicated to bringing the expertise of a renowned vascular surgeon directly to your patients’ bedside and advancing wound care through innovative treatment protocols and expert care.

We, as your team

  • We are your partners in care, committed to excellent communication and swift response to changes in patient condition.

  • We believe in providing exceptional wound healing and vascular services through cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments.

  • We offer comprehensive wound management. Our team of board-certified wound care physicians and wound care certified nurses excels in managing complex wounds, ensuring each patient receives individualized care.

What we offer you

  • Biosynthetic Grafting to facilitate healing for complex or treatment-resistant wounds.
  • Ultramist Treatments which gently and effectively debride wounds, removing non-viable tissue and optimizing the wound environment to promote painless healing.
  • Fluorescence Imaging allowing the early bacterial detection and intervention imperative in minimizing—or even eliminating—the use of antibiotics and reducing the risk of wound-related sepsis.
  • Comprehensive Vascular Diagnostics & Treatment —vascular testing and venous treatments are done right in the facility, while arterial interventions are completed in an outpatient facility with residents returned to the facility same day.  All services are provided without any cost to the patients or facility.
  • Customized Educational Programs are provided at no cost to you or your staff on a wide variety of wound care and vascular topics.

Who we are

Our Founder and CEO

Nirman Tulsyan, MD, FACS, RPVI

Dr. Tulsyan founded Heritage Wound Care in 2019, after recognizing the unmet need for patients in skilled nursing and home care settings to be treated promptly by a vascular surgeon.

Having trained in Vascular Surgery at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Tuslyan has published dozens of research papers and co-authored numerous clinical trials, while also serving as an attending Vascular Surgeon in New Jersey for over a decade

Bringing his extensive vascular knowledge—and through early intervention and aggressive treatment planning—Dr. Tulsyan and his clinical team at Heritage Wound Care have saved countless lives and limbs by preventing unnecessary amputations and avoiding serious infections and sepsis in patients with existing and developing wounds