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Vascular Services

Skin Grafting

Skin substitutes applied to the wound provide the right building blocks to heal more quickly

Noninvasive Vascular Testing

For patients that show signs of potential arterial or venous diseases, our in-house technician will perform the appropriate studies. No planning or transport required. Tests will be performed at bedside. 

Angiographic Interventions

For patients with poor circulation and arterial disease, we arrange for transport to perform an Angiogram. Angiograms are a one-day procedure that open the artery to allow for better blood flow and circulation. The procedure only takes a couple of hours, and the patient returns to the facility the same day.

In-facility Vein Ablations

For patients with lower extremity swelling and venous disease, we perform bedside vein ablations to close the malfunctioning vein. No planning or transport required. Vein ablations take about 15 minutes and require only local anesthesia. 

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